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Giới thiệu Giá Đỡ Điện Thoại Chống Trượt Tiện Dụng

-how to buy two gifts

♥♥♥Welcome to a letter store

♡It's a pleasure and an honor to have you come in, whether you order or not

♡I sincerely wish you a happy life and a happy life

♡Our products are self-creating and highly selectiveTo provide quality assurance to customersAnd affordable prices

♡Please remember to give the five star review+photo support to us when you receive your favorite products

★★Special notes:
Store all shipping according to the choice of customers and color, if you choose the wrong model and color (no responsible return, i hope understanding)
Please contact us in time when you receive any questions about the goods. please don't rush to commentIt's our responsibility. we 'll have full responsibilityOf course, you are welcome to give us feedback on any suggestions and shortcomings in our store
The products are mass-produced, and may be individually defective in small amounts, if you encounter any understanding
Major defects and quality problems, store errors, belong to the store's responsibility and so onI offer a refund free of chargeRest assured

If you have any questions, you can talk to us and we 'll reply to you in 30 minutes

♡♡Single-handed operation, can be used as mobile phone stand, foldable easy to carry
♡♡You can lie on the bed and play with your phone to prevent it from hitting your face
♡♡Finger rings are silicone/plastic material that can be glued to mobile phone or case

Weight: about 14g
Packaging: opp bag independent packaging
Size: 4cm diameter, 1.5 cm-4cm (airbag retractable)
Super cute cartoon silicone air bag holder
Silicone 3d material cartoon head+3m repeated use of primer chase drama artifact
Not only can you make your phone better grip but you can wrap your earphone cord around it and easily store it
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