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Giới thiệu Giá Đỡ Điện Thoại Để Bàn Tiện Dụng

Some people are lazy to go upstairs, elevators are lazy to fiddle with tv switches, remote controls are lazy to go to concerts, so the history of tapes and cds always proves that lazy people are the driving force behind social progress
We firmly believe that laziness is a spirit
Let us shout out loud:
I'm lazy and proudI'm lazy and proud
All brands can use phones under 6.5 inches
Whether apple, iphone samsung, htc, xiaomi, nokia, blackberry, motorola, sony, oppo, huawei, cool, lenovo, zte, etc...
Product description
Product size: 7x12 x 8cm
Net weight: 0.15 kg
Gross: 0.16 kg
Material: metal+abs (upper mobile phone clip abs plastic, middle aluminum alloy hose, lower plastic clip)
For 3-7 inch mobile phone
Upper plastic clip opening: 12cm color: black, white, red, yellow, blue, navy.Purple.Pink green orange rose red one in 11 colors
Clampable plate thickness range: 0.5-6cm
The advantage of this product compared with other similar products in the market is that its clamp opening is bigger than the market similar products,And solid material,Thick,Some manufacturers are trying to save costs,The sandwich material produced is very thin,A little bit of force may break down,The product is all right when it breaks,Once there were customers using poor quality mobile phone clips,When you clip your cell phone,Careless hand smooth,Clip rebound,Clip cell phone location broken,The fragments of the bomb hurt the eyes,In order to eliminate such occurrences,The stock of our shop's clamps is absolutely thick,Get one of your hands and know it
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